Wholesale Clothes – Tips to Find Out Whether a Trade Establishment Sells Real Wholesale Clothes

Wholesale apparel appeals to almost everyone. The idea of buying clothes at the lowest possible wholesale rates means that you can purchase twice as much. Well it actually does not work that way. Purchasing apparel wholesale is reserved for sellers with retailer’s licenses. Now you may think that you are purchasing ladies’ clothing wholesale or kids’ clothing wholesale because of the advertising put before you, but it is actually not.

Factory outlet malls give you the impression that you’re buying items directly from the factory at wholesale rates. Wholesale clothing makers do indeed have factory outlet shops, but they’re not selling products at wholesale rates. After all they’re renting premium shop space and paying a sales staff to market the products. This cost is added to the wholesale price. You may be able to purchase products cheaper at a factory outlet mall, but you’re not purchasing it wholesale.

Another myth is the wholesale clubs. You may be thinking that these clubs are selling wholesale club clothing or wholesale groceries, but that is not so. They have the same expenses as a retail shop. There are advertising expenses, building, sales staff, utility expenses and insurance that all have to be added to the product prices. Granted that because you are purchasing in bulk, you can save lots of cash, but you are not purchasing wholesale.

To buy wholesale girls clothing, wholesale dog clothing or wholesale men’s clothing, you have to purchase in quantity and you need a retailer’s license. Sellers that sell at open markets sell their goods at low rates because they have a license, purchase in big quantities, and have little overhead expenses. Entrepreneurs who market on eBay or other such internet auction sites have obtained their goods the same way.

Wholesale apparel is bought directly from the factory or a jobber in big quantities so that the buyer, or what we call the vendor, can sell it in smaller quantities, at higher rates, thus reaping a profit. That is what makes the globe go around.

So the next time you stroll around looking for wholesale clothes to sell on your retail store and you see a sign saying wholesale fashion clothing or wholesale designer clothing, in a retail shop, do not let them fool you. They are making a profit from these clothes that they purchased at wholesale prices.

So when you have your own retail shop, make sure that you are making business deals directly from the real wholesale providers. Definitely, if you do that you will earn countless proceeds.